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Fb. In. Tw.

This Cardinal Hayes grad was said to be the most impactful player in the school’s history since Jamal Mashburn played there. While growing up in the Heights of Washington (uptown Manhattan to the rest of you), he honed his skills both around the neighborhood and with his bunk bed-mate (older brother) Ricardo Greer. When his friends ended up committing to attend Cardinal Hayes, circumstances push him there as well.

He would go on to play at Rutgers and from there embark on a 16 season professional career where he was able to play a key part in 2 French championships, both alongside Ricardo.

On this episode we hear a story of perseverance, determination, tragedy and how Jeff Greer reached some incredible heights.

Tune in and learn…

We get into…

🏀 Some of the craziness that went on at Rutgers University

🏀 Why the street life never derailed the Greer brother’s path in Hoops

🏀 When Stephen Jackson and Antoine Walker flew to France for 1 game

🏀 How this Dominican – American was getting them checks under the NCAA radar 🤫

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