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Mourning the Loss of Kobe Bean Bryant

January 26, 2020 will be one of those unfortunate days in history where everyone will remember where they were when they found out about Kobe  and Gianna Bryant’s death. 

On this special episode Manny Digital & Emilio The Poet share their thoughts and recount some Kobe history with the help of some friends, You’ll hear about Kobe Bryant while at the legendary ABCD camp, his interactions with Harlem youth via Millbank, the charity he provided the Gauchos program of the Bronx and more. 

Thanks to our homies Jaime Peterson, Ryan “Special FX” Williams, Jim Sturgis, Book Richardson, Rose Byers and Rich Kosik for sharing with us some of their thoughts/experiences with Kobe Bryant.

Opening song on this episode: Brian McKnight – Hold Me ft. Kobe Bryant

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