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Nick Leon: Coney Island’s “Nick-At-Night”

On this episode of Dribble N’ Dimes, renowned NYC street-baller and St. Peter’s University Hall of Famer, Nick Leon, sits down with Manny Digital and Emilio the Poet to discuss his illustrious career. 

Growing up with a basketball hoop on (“almost”) every street, our guest talks about his early desires to branch out and face competition outside his neighborhood. From an early age his mentality was that he had to “get to work” and prove to his peers he was capable. After taking a trip to Queensbridge as a kid to play against some fresh faces, his hunger to prove himself to the entire city grew stronger. 

Listen now and hear Leon talk about how growing up playing in the projects made him the man he is today.

Topics Discussed / Time Stamps:

🏀(4:00) First Trip to Queensbridge

🏀(13:20) On Father’s Influence

🏀(17:30) On Life Goals

🏀(20:00) On Networking

🏀(24:45) On Tiny Morton “Recruiting” Him

🏀(34:00) On Success at Coney Island juggernaut Lincoln H.S.

🏀(45:40) Changing his game for the sake of team

🏀(57:00) The most difficult year or Nick’s life

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