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Pass The Rock: Dallis Dillard x Danny Basile

On this episode of Dribble N’ Dimes, we’re bringing back our new segment, Pass The Rock. Where current players talk to alumni of their institutions to get advice, ask questions, and build stronger bonds with those that came before them. This week, hear St. Raymond and Marist Alumni, Danny Basile, impart some wisdom and talk basketball with current St. Ray’s junior, Dallis Dillard. These two shooters share similarities in their game, and Basile gives great advice on making the transition to the college level. Listen now and hear these two baller’s build. Moderated by Manny Digital.

🏀1:25 – What made Basile attend St. Raymond?

🏀3:25 – How’d you find your role on St Ray’s team?

🏀7:20 – Why are St. Ray’s Alumni so close?

🏀12:00 – Where did you go to college?

🏀14:30 – What player do you look up to?

🏀19:25 – What made Dallis attend St. Raymond?

🏀22:00 – What was the hardest part of the transition into college?

🏀25:50 – How do you think Covid will impact next season?

🏀27:45 – How did winning a city title feel?

🏀29:40 – What was it like playing with no fans watching?

🏀30:40 – Did you have a plan for when you were done playing basketball?

🏀32:40 – Do you ever think about the day you stop playing basketball?

🏀33:40 – Final advice from Danny


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